We know its a self catering holiday but that doesn't mean that you have to do all the cooking and all the shopping. Here at La Barauderie we're much more focused on the holiday bit and making sure that you can enjoy the domaine to the full.

That's why, when you stay with us, you can let us take some of the strain and enjoy some of La Barauderie's unique and spectacular meals.

When it comes to our food, our aim from the start has been to only offer meals where they can be every bit as good as our accommodation and worthy of the amazing setting. We started offering food to guests in our second year with just a couple of food offerings that we thought were met the standards we wanted to set. This range is slowly increasing but only where we are satisfied that the meals are at point where they meet our expectations and, hopefully, exceed yours.

Our food is defined by two obsessions which make them stand out from the crowd. The first is the produce that we source from as close to us as as possible and serve in season. This includes food from our own potager and from local farmers and markets, the Loire valley is the garden of France. The second is fire, we use traditional cooking techniques using fire and wood as much as possible using hardwoods from the domaine and the local area to bring a real taste of the outdoors to our creations.

Finally, our service is tailored to you. As our guest we want you to feel completely at home and we do not feel that a fussy restaurant service is in keeping with that. Instead, our meals are prepared for you at a time of your choosing and delivered to our fully laid out dining terrace. You and your party are then free to serve, eat, drink and enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours or La Barauderie in you own time and in the most convivial manner. We'll collect the plates when you're done and not before!

Most food must be ordered 48h in advance and you can book ahead or wait until you arrive to decide

What better way to enjoy the grounds and outside spaces at La Barauderie than a Barbecue. This is a stand out favorite among our guests, just read our reviews to see what they say.

But this is not burnt sausages and cheap burgers, La Barauderie's resident pit master will serve up a range of hot smoked meats on fruit and nut woods from the domaine as well as perfectly grilled favourites, sides and salads from the garden.

No two barbecues are the same so there is not a set menu but if you have personal favourites that you want to request then please let us know.

Its the national dish of France and we've turned it up to 11

Our steak frites is a true french classic and uses french cut reserved for the most special occasions, côte de bœuf. which is a single rib steak served on the bone an incorporates the rib eye steak and part of the short rib. Our côte de bœuf is smoked over walnut wood and then seared to perfection.

A single cote typically weighs around 1.5kg so is a lot of meat for one person. Typically it can be shared among a family of four or three hungry adults. Our steak comes served with fresh chips, grilled tomatoes, salad and a Bearnaise sauce.

We can also include the côte de bœuf as part of the barbecue for an additional charge.

Who doesn't like roast chicken?

We love it at La Barauderie so much so that we wanted to bring it to you in our own style. La Barauderie's roast chicken it cooked on a rotisserie spit over a raging wood fire bringing you a perfectly cooked chicken with just a hint of wood smoke. And that wood smoke is not from just any wood but comes from the truffle oaks that are overlooked by our spectacular dining terrace.

We can offer a range of chickens, all free range. Local and corn fed chickens are a little extra and we can also offer guinea fowl and pheasant for the more adventurous. All come with boulangere potatoes to serve a family of four, or three very hungry adults.

La Baraudrie's open fire pit is a unique creation with lots of flexibility. The rotisserie can cook large cuts of meat, whole pigs, sheep and goats. as well as rotisserie the pit can also cook Asado style with large cuts and whole animals cooked al asador (on a cross held over the fire). Its can operate as a large grill or plancha and large cauldrons and pans can be suspended over the fire.

While many of these things are not part of our standard offering, if you are looking to really treat yourself and you fellow guests then get in touch and with some planning we can provide some amazing cook-outs for you

La Barauderie's Paella

It may not be very French but it is very delicious. We can offer freshly cooked Paella for up to 12 people. 

Lovingly prepared and cooked over fire in a traditional style, our chicken and prawn paella is packed full of Valencian flavours with a hint of smokes that takes it over the edge. We work extra hard to create the socarrat, the crispy rice at the bottom of the pan which is the prize of the paella aficionado.

We understand that you may not want to have to stop at a supermarket and cook when you get here. You probably want to drop your bags off, sit on our terrace, admire the view and relax

Let us know and a home made meal will be waiting in your fridge on arrival to heat up at your leisure. Our arrival meal, Poulet Baraudoise, is a home made creation of potatoes and vegetables from the potager all cooked in a light white wine broth topped with succulent chicken.

Not just this, but once the arrival and tour is taken care of, we can host your little ones for an early dinner on the terrace. We’ll serve up spaghetti and meatballs secretly packed with fresh veg. Meatballs, cheese and even pasta are optional for the more discriminating little ones. This leaves you free to join us on the terrace for a quick glass of wine or unpack and settle in.

And don’t worry about the mess, we have a toddler!

The region is famous for its goat cheeses with three AOCs within Indre et loire and in easy reach of La Barauderie. The most famous among these is Saint Maure de Tourraine, Within 15 minutes drive you can visit a number of goat cheese farmers and sample the amazing variety of cheeses that they produce

Rillettes de Tours are another local specialty and another local AOC. They are a preparation of Pork similar to pâté. The meat cooked slowly until it is tender enough to be easily shredded, and then cooled. They are normally used as spread on bread or toast, delicious with a glass of local wine.

Le nougat de Tours a gateau made locally with a sweet pastry base filled with fruit coulis and apricot jam and topped with an almond macaroon like crust. As with all great local specialties in France there is an honorary brotherhood which pays tribute and defends the tradition.

There is also a wide and surprising range of crops produced in the fields and forest surrounding La Barauderie, this includes a saffron farm and a number of asparagus producers and truffle producers. Our local village, Marigny-Marmande, holds truffle market through December which attracts international attention.

All through the summer there are numerous fairs with different themes.