Amazing meals cooked over live fire by the Barbecue Champion of France

When you stay with us, you can let us take some of the strain and enjoy La Barauderie's unique and spectacular meals.

Our food is as special as the location and the service and menu tailored to the spirit of the holiday. This has led to a truly unique offering and has taken our resident Pit Master to the title of Champion of France of Barbecue 2022.

Our equipment is designed and built by us and all cooking is done over local wood and charcoal fire.

All meals are made fresh and 100% on site.

Finally, our service is tailored to you. The food is delivered to your table for you to share and enjoy in your own time and in the most convivial manner possible.

Cooking over fire is a way to cook not a defined cooking style

There is no limit to what can be prepared over fire so forget everything you know about backyard barbecues and begin to think about meals that make you travel to far away places or remind you of home comforts.

You can also forget piles of meat and a token salad, while piles of meat are available, as much thought is put into the accompaniments and the balance of our meals.

Everything can be adapted for your group, whether for children, vegetarians, flexetarians or vegans.

Looking for something extra special?

If you want to truly celebrate with your friends and family you can choose one of our feasts.

Our feast are designed to be a delicious accompaniment to a long slow evening with your friends and family. Whether two, three or even four courses, our feasts can be adapted to the pace of your perfect evening.

A long slow dinner on our dining terrace? no problem. Dinner for you and the kids followed by a couple more courses a few hours later once they are in bed? you got it! A nice two course meal for everyone to enjoy together? absolutely.

The menu is constantly evolving and changes with the seasons. When you stay with us we will send through the menu a week or two before you stay. In the most part we ask for 72h notice for food.,

We are fully licensed, registered and compliant with the relevant authorities and regulations including the purpose built commercial prep kitchen.